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About Us


A marketing communications agency focused on keeping audiences emotionally invested in its clients’ brands


We gain access for brands into the private silos of communities by inviting target audiences to proactively participate in the evolution of our clients’ products and services via two-way cooperative interaction


Create connections and community relationships between our clients and community organizations to further mutual objectives via cause marketing efforts or non-profit affiliation

New media strategies that identify your brand’s online audience segments (e.g. blogs, RSS feeds) and then listening and engaging with these communications channels ! Influencing the Influencer is the key component of our WOM strategy and places your brand closer to the target audience, creating more meaningful dialogue, that translates into the creation of loyal brand ambassadors

Beginning with the clients’ marketing objectives we create signature events, with a purpose, and create sponsorships that “prove” our client’s leadership in the marketplace

We help position corporation/organization representatives as leaders among their peers via introductions, presentations, tours, and on-going follow-up

Develop customized strategies and story angels that have greater appeal to the media decision makers, we target, that address how and when the media want to receive their information, when they want us to follow-up, and what future story angles they may be interested in covering (e.g. delivered via audio/video news releases radio/satellite media tours or traditional press kits)

Whether it’s a new product launch or generating renewed excitement around an existing product or service, we provide creative conception, producing, planning, implementation and evaluation for peer-to peer marketing; product sampling/seeding; tours; nightlife promotions

Starting with an x-ray of the target audience, we develop realistic strategies that are flexible, meet specific business needs and objectives

We deliver messaging synergy through creative imagery, in the forms of corporate branding; promotional posters; street stenciling; tagging; wild postings; shrink wrapping; newsletters; brochures; electronic press kits; specialty advertising; various collateral


• Automotive
• Cable Broadcast
• Entertainment
• Health & Beauty
• Non-Profit
• Packaged Goods
• Retail
• Telecommunications
• Travel


• CEO recognized as one of the 2015 Movers & Shakers—NV Magazine
• CEO awarded Corporate Citizen of the Year –Determine to Educate—2011
• PPC assigned as Agency of Record for ESSENCE Festival’s inaugural Healthy Living Fair